Talent Strategy
Break through the imagination and join the Dixiang Group
Dixiang Group is a diversified investment holding group led by high-tech security industry, high-end tourism industry and international communication industry. In 2009, Dixiang was born in Beijing. After more than ten years of development and reform, it now has subsidiaries and offices in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Fujian, Zhejiang, Wuhan, Hebei, and Chengdu.
School students (interns)
Laying the foundation for the future at Dixiang. You must have such a desire: hope to change the future with your own ideas. At Dixiang, you have the opportunity to learn more about different areas of work during your studies. As an intern, join our daily intern program or summer strategic intern program to achieve great innovation with us.
Laying the foundation for the future at Dixiang. Start your career with Dixiang. If you are about to complete your studies successfully, are you looking for a challenging and promising position worldwide? Technical experts, junior managers, project management and other positions are waiting for your application. For more details, please pay attention to the campus recruitment project each fall and spring.
Working people
Use your experience to build a better future together with Dixiang. At Dixiang, you will all contribute to innovative solutions that improve the quality of human life. We provide a variety of work content and attractive work models around the world, and provide all the support you need to further develop your knowledge.
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Address: Building 2, Yard 19, Wulutong Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
E-mail: service@dixiangbj.com
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